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USS Harvest Moon (Model) built by Elliott P. Smith

Civil War Flagship of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron 1864-1865.

On March 1, 1865 the Union Steamer Harvest Moon, Flagship of Admiral John A. Dahlgren, struck a confederate torpedo and sank in Winyah Bay 5 miles SSE of the city of Georgetown, South Carolina. To this day, the Harvest Moon rests where she went down, buried under the sands of Winyah Bay with her smokestack still proudly visible. The Harvest Moon had taken Admiral Dahlgren to Georgetown to inspect Battery White, recently abandoned by the Rebels. Prior to her departure a torpedo was assembled by Confederate Captain Thomas Daggett and placed in the channel where the Harvest Moon struck it as she steamed away from Georgetown. The resulting explosion tore out the bottom of the ship and the Harvest Moon sank within minutes taking the life of the Wardroom Steward John Hazard.



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